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About Anasuya Krishnaswamy

As a scientist, writer and healing arts practitioner Anasuya bridges the worlds of science and shamanism to help practitioners gain new science maps and increase their confidence in their shamanic work. She began studying and practicing meditation and yoga at age 19, subsequently healed repetitive stress injuries with Iyengar style yoga and studied Taijiquan (Tai Chi) for three years. She sought rejuvenation and peace of mind in the mountains and at the ocean, hiking, biking, backpacking and climbing on the West Coast.

Anasuya earned her PhD in the area of solid-state physics and quantum devices. After working as a scientist and engineer in computer chip development at Intel Corporation, she rejuvenated her yoga practice and earned yoga teacher certification, completed a healing arts certification and taught at the Four Winds Society. The certification combined North American medicine wheel maps with practices from the Q’ero lineage in Southern Peru. She subsequently completed a Sound Healing certification at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has also been a lifelong explorer of Pranayama, which she integrates into her practice and teachings.

Anasuya was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves being in the outdoors with the trees, the open hillsides, the marshes, and the ocean. She talks to her plants in the tradition of her Irish, Indian, and German ancestors. She also enjoys the cultural gifts of the city.