Claire’s Gallery

About Claire Davis

Claire is an empathic, intuitive practitioner who assists people to ignite a new inner fire so they can feel inspired, keep moving and enjoy life.

Having experienced a physical burn-out in earlier life, and having worked through many of the challenges of mid-life, Claire brings experience as well as extensive training to her practice.

Claire loves to work with groups where the work helps to shift energies of the past, enabling people to discover a new inner fire and to feel re-inspired.  She also works one-on-one in private practice. She has trained in several different bodywork modalities and shamanism.  She was previously a member of the teaching faculty of Dr Alberto Villoldo’s Four Winds Society.

Claire loves to dance and explore how essential movement is for health and wellbeing.  She lives in Los Angeles with her much loved husband Brad, their dog Bertie and three cats with serious attitude.  She loves to cook – from shopping at the Farmers Market to creating delicious dishes with local seasonal produce.  Walking on the beach or in the mountains is a favorite pastime, as is listening to good rock and roll and jazz.