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About Shari BaDu

Living in the Southwest for over 50 years, Shari has embraced the influences and appreciation of Native American spirituality.  Shari has more than 32 years of experience as a 12 Step Spiritual mentor/sage. After five years of practicing the 12 Step program, she asked herself, “Is this it?”.  She then began exploring the original teachings and practices of the founders of 12 Step, and discovered that it was much more spiritual and shamanic than what she had previously learned. Shari is a passionate teacher, private consultant, facilitator, and spiritual counselor, and has been initiated in the shamanic healing and spiritual traditions of the High Andes of Peru. She has worked individually with Master Shaman Porfirio “Chino” Sequeiros, who has given her specific instruction on dealing with addiction. She has integrated his teachings into her private practice and is dedicated to the education and empowerment of those seeking a deeper connection to life through personal development and spiritual experience.  She advocates A Shaman’s Way of Being: 12 Step Spirituality, writes about spiritual practice, and has spoken internationally and nationally.

Her approach blends the Hero’s Journey set forth by Joseph Campbell, the traditional Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) model of a 12 Step Program with ancient shamanic practices, and the results of cutting edge medical research, especially in the areas of neuroscience, nutrition, and biochemistry.