Are You Ready to Lift the Veil?

By Marv Harwood

For millennia, people have recognized that unknown forces shape their lives and their destinies. Earliest evidence of this recognition is depicted on cave walls as ancient man observed and marveled at unknown powers.

Moving forward through time, in an attempt to describe these unknown energies, many civilizations labeled them as “Gods” and began to identify their properties. Mankind began to perceive just how powerful and profound these energies really are. Regardless of the name(s) given to these forces by different peoples, the description of their properties and energies were strikingly alike. Myth and mysticism intertwined and great emphasis was placed on the the importance of appeasing these “gods”. No one dared to even contemplate creating a relationship with them.

The quest to understand and quantify these energies continued unabated, giving rise to a myriad of religious faiths and esoteric practices such as Tarot and Astrology. We have held unique views about life, death, the unknown energies ~ and our individual relationship to them. The result was a rich and colourful kaleidoscope of spiritual concepts, religious beliefs, epic myths and diverse traditions, each conceptualized in an attempt to explain the matrix of energies that informs everything physical in our universe; from the smallest cell to the largest planet.

A leap forward in human understanding of these universal energies came with the work of Dr. Carl Jung. Dr. Jung was able to clearly identify how a given set of these universal forces (for which he used the term “archetypes”) had a profound and predictable influence on humans as individuals and civilizations a whole.

Does that mean then, that we have no choice but to accept fate? Must we be content with: “that’s who I am – I have no way to change”? What if we could directly access and engage those energies that guide and shape our moods, our beliefs, our behaviors ~ our entire lives for that matter? How would that change our personal journey through life?

These are the questions that were asked and then answered by The Archetype Project. This project, that has been more than 40 years in the making, is designed to show each traveller how to clearly see the path they have created for themselves, understand why certain elements of their lives are just not working, and then more importantly teach them how to RE-NEGOTIATE their relationship with a particular ‘archetype’ to co-create a more satisfying destiny for themselves. It confirms that we are able to break free of fate, that we can change who we are.

Shanon Harwood, author of The Archetype Project, says, “My hope is to show people how accessible these universal energies really are. They may appear different to each of us, (‘It Depends on Who’s Looking’), but regardless of the label, these energies represent the organizing principles of the universe and they are there ready and willing to work with us”.

As a young woman, Shanon was intrigued when she first began to notice the connection between the Major Arcana of Tarot, the Astrological Planets and Signs, and central deities in various classical mythologies. It became her life’s journey to travel into the trans-personal realms to listen deeply to The Archetypes. What she learned is shared in The Archetype Project – It Depends on Who’s Looking. She clearly understood it was possible for anyone to re-negotiate their relationship with an ‘archetype’.

She came to the understanding that there is really is no right or wrong path; rather there are only personal perceptions that are each as valid as the other; because with every breath and every thought each of us is creating our own reality ~ It Depends on Who’s Looking.

Shanon then invested years of research, technique development and subject testing to amass and perfect the information, processes and techniques offered in “The Archetype Project”. The end result is this exciting new approach to charting one’s journey through life. And best of all, the material is not a “one size fits all” methodology. It recognizes the uniqueness of each traveller who dares to step onto the path of self discovery, personal change and destiny development.


It Depends On Who’s Looking
The Archetype Project Workshop

Offered by: Shanon & Marv Harwood
March 2-4 2018 – Oahu, Hawaii


Marv Harwood is the co-founder of the Kimmapii School of Shamanism.