VIDEO: Street Shamanism – Practical Tools for Modern Mystics

Street Shamanism
Practical Tools for Modern Mystics

Presented by Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin

Hosted by Linda Fitch

Join Linda Fitch and special guests Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin, creators of the Mystic Women’s Sanctuary, for a very special Shaman’s Collective webinar to kick off the new year.

Sonia and Eliza have learned Mystic tools from a variety of spiritual traditions and made them practical and useable. They’ve distilled them down into a powerful method that you can use everyday! They get the importance of incorporating practices that are juicy, fun, inspired, that you can’t wait to do, vs. “shoulding” yourself about your practice.

Come learn these simple practices that bring your spirituality off the mat and into your life!


VIDEO: The Archetype Project Workshop – It Depends On Who’s Looking

It Depends on Who’s Looking

Presented by Marv and Shanon HarwoodThe Kimmapii School of Shamanism

This intimate and interactive workshop provides a chance to explore the world of The Archetypes, forge new relationships with them, and learn that nothing is fixed, and you always have a choice.

Read more about the origins of the course in our Shared Wisdom blog here.

Part One:  On The Ground Workshop

March 2-4, 2018   /  Honolulu, Hawaii

Part Two:  Interactive Webinars

April 20, 2018   6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm ET

May 10, 2018  6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm  ET




Knowledge Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom

 by Linda L. Fitch   

Guided by an ancient prophesy, the Q’ero, the living descendants from the Incas, have lived for years high in the Andean mountains of Peru, secluded from the world and guarding the traditional shamanistic ways of the Paqo, the priest healer.

Never conquered by the Spanish, theirs is an energetic tradition with a world view based on the intrinsic interrelatedness of human beings and nature –  a view largely forgotten in modern times. The sacred wisdom of the Q’ero takes us beyond the mystic veil to teachings of enlightenment that they believe are available to all of us.

The Q’ero create their Mesa, or personal medicine bundle, through their connection to the mountains and. Built on the core concept of Ayni, or right relationship, their mesas connect them with the mountain spirits, to nature, the universe and all of creation. They understand that everything is made up of living energy and be communicated with.

In ceremony, initiation and the embodiment of transmissions (or rites, known as karpays) at the mountain, they became guardians of this sacred knowledge. Their prophesy calls them to pass this ancient wisdom on to the world, particularly now as we ascend to the next level of being.

This is your invitation to experience a deeper alignment and place of power. Join us for Building a Mesa the Q’ero Way, September 28 – October 1, 2017 in Northern California.

Whether you are an existing Mesa carrier, called to make a difference in the world, or are stepping onto the shamanic/mystic path for the very first time, this class will allow you a place of personal transformation and power directly through nature.

We will journey and explore this ancient wisdom “where heaven and earth meet” in Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta, called the White Mountain is renowned for its powerful energy, recognized as one of a small number of “energy centers” around the globe.

Over several days, we will gather daily and then travel to sacred power places on the mountain. Through journey, transmissions and ceremony, you will become immersed in the way of the paqo or elder. Using the core inka principles of right action (yankay), right loving (munay) and right thinking (yachay) and direct communication with the mountain spirits you will build and or deepen your own personal medicine the traditional way as done by the Q’ero.

It is important to the Q’ero that they pass on and the world receive the ancient wisdom and knowledge held for so many years in sacredness. By building and/or deepening your Mesa you connect directly to that transformative power of enlightenment, and become part of that sacred transmission.


Are You Ready to Lift the Veil?

By Marv Harwood

For millennia, people have recognized that unknown forces shape their lives and their destinies. Earliest evidence of this recognition is depicted on cave walls as ancient man observed and marveled at unknown powers.

Moving forward through time, in an attempt to describe these unknown energies, many civilizations labeled them as “Gods” and began to identify their properties. Mankind began to perceive just how powerful and profound these energies really are. Regardless of the name(s) given to these forces by different peoples, the description of their properties and energies were strikingly alike. Myth and mysticism intertwined and great emphasis was placed on the the importance of appeasing these “gods”. No one dared to even contemplate creating a relationship with them.

The quest to understand and quantify these energies continued unabated, giving rise to a myriad of religious faiths and esoteric practices such as Tarot and Astrology. We have held unique views about life, death, the unknown energies ~ and our individual relationship to them. The result was a rich and colourful kaleidoscope of spiritual concepts, religious beliefs, epic myths and diverse traditions, each conceptualized in an attempt to explain the matrix of energies that informs everything physical in our universe; from the smallest cell to the largest planet.

A leap forward in human understanding of these universal energies came with the work of Dr. Carl Jung. Dr. Jung was able to clearly identify how a given set of these universal forces (for which he used the term “archetypes”) had a profound and predictable influence on humans as individuals and civilizations a whole.

Does that mean then, that we have no choice but to accept fate? Must we be content with: “that’s who I am – I have no way to change”? What if we could directly access and engage those energies that guide and shape our moods, our beliefs, our behaviors ~ our entire lives for that matter? How would that change our personal journey through life?

These are the questions that were asked and then answered by The Archetype Project. This project, that has been more than 40 years in the making, is designed to show each traveller how to clearly see the path they have created for themselves, understand why certain elements of their lives are just not working, and then more importantly teach them how to RE-NEGOTIATE their relationship with a particular ‘archetype’ to co-create a more satisfying destiny for themselves. It confirms that we are able to break free of fate, that we can change who we are.

Shanon Harwood, author of The Archetype Project, says, “My hope is to show people how accessible these universal energies really are. They may appear different to each of us, (‘It Depends on Who’s Looking’), but regardless of the label, these energies represent the organizing principles of the universe and they are there ready and willing to work with us”.

As a young woman, Shanon was intrigued when she first began to notice the connection between the Major Arcana of Tarot, the Astrological Planets and Signs, and central deities in various classical mythologies. It became her life’s journey to travel into the trans-personal realms to listen deeply to The Archetypes. What she learned is shared in The Archetype Project – It Depends on Who’s Looking. She clearly understood it was possible for anyone to re-negotiate their relationship with an ‘archetype’.

She came to the understanding that there is really is no right or wrong path; rather there are only personal perceptions that are each as valid as the other; because with every breath and every thought each of us is creating our own reality ~ It Depends on Who’s Looking.

Shanon then invested years of research, technique development and subject testing to amass and perfect the information, processes and techniques offered in “The Archetype Project”. The end result is this exciting new approach to charting one’s journey through life. And best of all, the material is not a “one size fits all” methodology. It recognizes the uniqueness of each traveller who dares to step onto the path of self discovery, personal change and destiny development.


It Depends On Who’s Looking
The Archetype Project Workshop

Offered by: Shanon & Marv Harwood
March 2-4 2018 – Oahu, Hawaii


Marv Harwood is the co-founder of the Kimmapii School of Shamanism.

2016 SC BaDu 1 Blog Art

Challenge “FOMO” & Act Courageously…

“Be yourself on purpose.”  Fritz Scholder (1937-2005)

by Shari Watson BaDu and John J. Macionis

Daily life is a crush of conflicting demands and activities. How is a thoughtful person to find ultimate meaning?

This musical track, titled Movie Actors, leads us on a journey of reflection.  This song begins with random sounds of everyday living. Breaking though this white noise is an insistent voice speaking the word “actor,” revealing a woman’s awareness of the superficiality of routine life. In our unconscious routines, she suggest, we hope to find “all the answers” at “some party, where the kids all hang around.”  In the “dance” of life, we move to the tribal beat that may give us a felting feeling of fitting in, but we are left with the gnawing sense of living without higher purpose. Any effort to fill a spiritual void by joining others who share our condition of soul loss is condemned to failure from the beginning.

And so we live- dancing through life- as if we were movie actors, playing out lives that we know are fake.  But the voice in the song also provides grounds for hope. Possibilities for transcendence begin with recognition. Gaining awareness of our situation allows us to attain clarity and creates an opportunity to move to spiritual high ground.  For a fleeting moment a crack in everyday life appears, and we step up into the place of the observer, taking a noble stance, critical to conscious evolution.  From that higher place, we can more fully assess ourselves, courageously affirming our intentions to lift ourselves out of the mundane.  The singer states knowingly that “There’s a bigger part of you and a better part of me that thinks we should-a just stayed at home.”  From the new place of the fully present observer, our souls clearly hear a call to be “bigger” and “better.”  Recognition, however, is not enough. We must put courage into action to answer the call to change.

This transcendent response is made easier if we can engage with a spirited community of like-minded people who are also courageously answering their inner call, challenging what pop culture calls “FOMO” or fear of missing out. These allies will support us at staying “at home” in our hearts, trading the unconscious and fake party life (jobs we hate, social scenes that train our souls) for true conscious dancing to a rhythm emanating from the softness of our internal being.  We must allow ourselves to move to a new drum beating the sound of change that will provide deeper meaning.

Sound master, McLean J. Macionis, understand the illusion of everyday life and ends Movie Actors with collapse, as the machine-driven rhythm crumbles.  From the collapse, we find ourselves on a terrain with many possibilities.  Now we must ask ourselves whether we rebuild the old mechanical framework, which is familiar but empty, or whether we muster the courage to honor what is “bigger and better” within our own souls.

The soul beat of conscious dancing can be found in the words of Fritz Scholder, a Native American Artist (1937-2005); in the wisdom  he shared with a young boy in the mid- 1990’s: things to do…. “Be yourself on purpose.” Today, that boy, a man and CEO of his own company, continues to thrive being “himself on purpose” following the wisdom of his own heart’s dance. This is evidence that when we are in the flow of life, life flow supports us.

Movie Actors 
Words and melody by Ali Memarian  
Sound field by McLean J. Macionis
Vocals by Malanie Taylor
Photo of Fritz Scholder and James Cody Holmstul with permission from Shari Watson BaDu

 Copyright © 2016 Shari Watson BaDu and John J. Macionis 


Interpreting Yanantin-Masintin into Action

by Anasuya Krishnaswamy

Healing arts practitioners, and certainly mesa carriers of the Q’ero lineage of Southern Peru, are steeped in the art of creating direct relationships with the people, plants, and animals around us. Part of that work is to harmonize those things that are similar and those that are not so similar (read polar opposites).

The concept expressed in the Quechua words yanantin-masintin captures the idea of harmonizing those things that are similar and those that are opposite (read complementary). Yanantin refers to the things that are not alike, masintin to the things that are alike. Very often the words are said together to capture all the levels of harmonizing. I learned this year in Peru that the concept of harmonizing is so deeply woven into the fabric of the Quechua cultural that a word such as “bad” does not really exist. Things are good, or less good, not so good.

In our healing arts traditions we must delve into issues of health and the environment. The work can lead to overwhelm as we allow others to put issues into binary terms, and yet we find solutions and progress most often in between these extremes. In a series of blog posts to follow, I want to look in between the extremes at six areas of environmental law and policy.

Since 2014 I have been studying law – with a focus on Environmental Law. I became involved with the legal profession as a technical consultant on patent litigation, and was encouraged to go to law school. This new study gave me the opportunity to learn an area of the law that has been near and dear to me for my whole life.

My respect and reverence for the environment around me stems from early experiences growing up in Northern California. I played in redwood circles, picnicked under grandmother oak trees, camped under the backyard avocado tree, and had a mother and father who were “eco-aware.”

On weekends we recycled our collected cans and bottles, and I delighted in using the crusher to flatten cans – physical work for mother earth. In fourth grade our teacher led us on a project to learn about and propose substituting Jojoba oil for whale oil. We won an environmental award from the state of California.

In junior high and high school we were preoccupied by the dangers of the nuclear arms race, the meltdown of the Three-mile Island nuclear facility, and how to dispose of nuclear waste. I wrote a poem about smog called Magenta Sunsets for the high school literary magazine.

Had they offered environmental engineering as a major at the time I was in college, I would have studied it. Instead I took what was offered, a course in non-renewable resources. We calculated that there were 400 yrs. of fossil fuel left in the earth. We analyzed that certain salt mines were the best place to store nuclear waste, but were in short supply. I wrote my paper on deforestation and warned of the contribution to climate change and ecosystem destruction. An ethic is wired into me to look at things holistically – to reduce my footprint on the planet, to inform and inspire others, to be aware of how we all impact the ecosystem that gave birth to our species.

In my personal life I have always been reducing, reusing, and recycling. Sometimes I annoyed friends, family and roommates with my discipline and commitment to reduce paper use, keep almost everything out of the water system, walk to the store for groceries, and plan trips and errands to make loops and reduce vehicle miles traveled.

In my first year of law school, I edited citations for the environmental law and policy journal. I attended many Environmental Law seminars to discover where my background, interests, and skills might best fit. I helped staff the conference on race and the law and had a logo designed for the Center for Race and Nation studies. I believe environmental issues are intimately tied to social justice issues.

I grabbed the first opportunity I had to take an environmental law course by signing up for a summer 2015 intensive comparative environmental law course covering the European Union and American Environmental Law. I’ve taken the survey course on federal environmental law, a course on climate change law and policy, and in the spring semester of 2016, I worked with the Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division.

In articles to follow this coming year, I will look at environmental science, law and policy in six areas: Chemical toxins (food, water, and skin products); Electromagnetic Waves; Energy, Carbon, and Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking); Forests; Climate Change Hot Topics; and Trade (products, services, information).  First, I’ll give an overview of the facts and where to find more information. Second, I’ll list three practical steps we can each take to help create a healthier future.

Truth is often found in between the extremes – extremes help us see what is in between. Yanantin-Masintin.


Slow is the New Fast

by John Germain Leto


I was recently asked a good question by my friend and colleague, Rob McMahon.  He asked, “With all that you’re working on, how much of it is you having to do it versus Spirit?”

I answered that it feels like it’s me pulling to make things happen about 75% of the time, with 25% being handled by Spirit.  But then I realized, wow – that’s a lot on my shoulders.

How would YOU answer that question?  

With what you’re working on, what percentage of it is YOU versus Spirit?  

Last week I was facilitating a day-long private ceremony for a client that flew in from Florida. I continued to sit with the thought, “What if I was doing only 1% and let Spirit do 99%?  What would that look like?  How would I move in the world if that was the case?”

While I pondered this thought, I suddenly had the urge to get up and do Tai Chi.  It had been months since I had done it last, and yet as I slowed myself down and became “empty” – down to 1% that I was doing – it was some of the best tai chi I had ever witnessed myself doing.  I could literally feel Spirit and my breath doing 99% of the work to complete the movements.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Man, if I could just move that way all the time.  Here I am several days later struggling to remember how that felt as I deal with the challenges of my two babies, work, emails, and the new projects I’m launching.

But it begs the question, “What is the energy that we’re creating with?”

Is it the energy from your last coffee?

Or energy from “The Universe”?

Of course, in any true creation – whether it’s a song, book, or business – it’s about opening up to let the creative energy of the universe flow through you.

Yet, how does the energy of the universe move?

In my experience, very slowly.

Look at the way a flower or tree grows.  It happens, but slowly.

There’s a beautiful hike in the canyon of Laguna Beach that I love going on with my wife, Eden.  We often veer off the main trail through waist-height brush to visit our favorite place:  a huge tree that has literally grown right through the cracks of a giant boulder.  It’s an amazing site to see.  Here’s this tree that has literally cracked through the center of a boulder of solid rock, with only the slow energy of Mother Earth as her power.  But what power it is!

Imagine if we could harness this same energy!

Later on in the ceremony with my client, I asked spirit to bring forth the guides that would most serve me over the next several months.  I’ve received many power animals as guides over the years.  This was the first time I was given a Turtle.

A turtle?

Yes, I was shown that I need to take one little, slow, step at a time.  In the days since, this power animal has actually pissed me off.

I don’t want to crawl like a turtle. I want to soar like an eagle, or gallop like a horse, or run like a deer.  I like to go fast.  I like to drink coffee. I want to get up and go – quickly. So what do I do when Spirit gives me a turtle as a power animal?

Do I rebel?

Do I say, thank you very much, but I’d like something else?

The thing with Spirit animals is they are here to teach us something we don’t already have, or don’t already know.  They are here to help us evolve an aspect of ourselves that, frankly, needs some work.   I know there is something to this “turtle” thing.  I know it will help me slow down and take each step more carefully, if I allow it to.  In this allowing, I would be able to let Spirit finally do the “heavy lifting” because I’m not running 10 steps ahead trying to do it all myself.

If we are going to allow Spirit to work magic in our lives and do most of the work, then we have to slow down, tune in, and be one with spirit.  Otherwise, there will be too much “static on the line”.  Spirit may be giving you signs, but you could miss them with all of your mental chatter and belief you can do it all yourself.  If you’re hearing a voice in your head (or heart!) tell you, “take a left” and you keep going straight because you’re moving too fast, then you’ll likely miss an opportunity that could have shortcut the path to what you were wanting.  That outcome, based on your own doing, may not be the highest one that is aligned with Spirit.  You’ll get somewhere, but it may not be the most elevated option.

If you’re not going to put your faith in Spirit, then you better drink lots of coffee and read some Tony Robbins because you’re going to need a whole lot of personal force to make your outcomes happen.  That is one way to get it done.  We’re talking about another way here.  One with minimal personal effort.

Here’s the formula:  

Slow yourself down. 

Clearly set your intentions.

Ask Spirit to do the heavy lifting.  

Know the action required to co-create with Spirit.  

Allow that to unfold for you in this moment. 


Sound and the Crystalline Body

by Anasuya Krishnaswamy

As we transition from winter to spring in the northern hemisphere, we may have gained some insight during the shorter days, which we want to bring out into the light. We may have heard or experienced that this place of the dark, the void, is the place from which creation springs forth. Perhaps true, but I want to suggest that it is a destination in and of itself, a space to intentionally go to, spend time in, celebrate, and be with. Simply because there are inherent benefits of being there. This is a place of least resistance, of surrender. It is a place of going inward to experience the silence of the mind, the gap between sounds, the gap between thoughts.

This article is inspired by my participation in the Sound, Voice, and Music Healing certificate program created by Silvia Nakkach at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I consider the parallels, complementarity, and relationship between the energy work we practice and the sound healing modalities. And, of course, due to my background science, one of the lenses that I’m peering through is a microscopic, or nanoscopic lens.

Sound is created by shaking up molecules (electrons, protons, and neutrons), so they vibrate. Protons, neutrons, and electrons make up what we usually think of as matter, including the physical body, and the movement of electrons is responsible for the biochemistry of our bodies. When air molecules vibrate, we hear that vibration, either through the ear or through the bones (the way we hear under water).

A phonon wave with wavelength, lambda.


If the next paragraph gets too technical, skip ahead a couple of paragraphs.

Although physicists will distinguish between light waves and sounds waves on the macroscopic level, when we look at the level of the small, where we track electron motion through crystal structures (our body contains many organic crystalline structures), sound also comes in quanta of energy, and can exchange energy with electrons, just as light exchanges energy with electrons.

In this nanoscopic perspective sound (phonon energy) is proton and neutron vibration, this vibration can shake and move electrons. Electromagnetic energy in the form of photons (light) can also move electrons. Photons (light) move through our body, sending information from one place to another. Actually, some information seems to be sent instantaneously in a way that is not compatible with the idea that communication happens through the physical body along nerves channels.

It seems that not only within our body, but also between our bodies, information transfer must include a non-local, outside of spacetime as we think of it, explanation.1,2,3  And there are particles predicted by our unified field theories that we have not observed with our electronic instruments yet.4,5  How will science describe the information transfer of these quanta of energy? Furthermore, even macroscopic mechanical systems can exhibit quantum states, thus leading to the idea that our bodies and our beings can too.6

The movement of sound (and electromagnetic energy) can be cacophonous, have tension and release, and have a quality of connectedness and coherence, among other things. All of these are important aspects of our being, all to be accepted and celebrated. In this article I want to look through the nanoscopic lens at the qualities of connectedness and coherence. I want to describe a state of matter called superconductivity.

When a crystal structure comes into the state of superconductivity, pairs of electrons move together, and they are coupled to the nearby matter via lattice vibrations (phonons, sound vibrations of the atoms).7  In order to describe this process mathematically, we can no longer use the “independent electron approximation” or consider electrons as independent actors. If we do, the mathematics does not work out, and we can’t describe the situation we observe in the laboratory. These pairs of electrons do not collide with the atoms, the process that causes resistance. Instead, these pairs of electrons dance in step with atomic vibrations. The particles that make up matter move in a rhythmic, synchronistic, dance. And no light (photon) is required.

Abstract picture of electron-phonon interaction in a high temperature superconductor. These geometries do not have a one-to-one correspondence to our familiar 3-D space. Just enjoy the visuals.

This is the wisdom in the dark. It can be a place of least resistance, of surrender, of the gap between thoughts.

Humans have been using sound and music, dancing with the technology of pitch (frequency) and rhythm and harmony for at least tens of thousands of years. Ancient instruments have been found all over the world, and many traditions are still intact. For instance, Sanskrit chanting/singing is an advanced and ancient science and practice to invoke particular energies during particular times of day and season, to align with the music of the cosmos.

The mathematical intervals in Pythagoras’ music of the spheres from 2000 years ago permeate the movements of celestial bodies, the quantum energy states of the atom, and the vibrating modes of strings in string theory. And in all these realms, it is not the frequency itself that is important, but the relationship between frequencies. The calculation of possible vibrating modes in an instrument is a similar mathematical process to the calculation of possible vibrating modes of the atom, the electron, and the photon. And yet, in the quantum mechanical calculation, the wave modes are an abstraction, outside of space and time, while the vibrational modes of an instrument are felt in a present moment within space and time.

These vibrating modes are connected in a sublime way, and sound seems to be a bridge between the place outside of space and time to the present moment. We can feel this connection, be in this channel of movement and wisdom if we surrender and come to the place of least resistance. We don’t have to do it in that order. We can let the music take us there. Here is Kepler (in 1619) being quoted from his “The Harmonies of the World” in Physics Today (2002)8:

The heavenly motions are nothing but a continuous song for several voices, to be perceived by the intellect, not by the ear; a music which, through discordant tensions, through syncopations and cadenzas as it were, progresses towards certain predesigned six-voiced cadences, and there-by sets landmarks in the immeasurable flow of time.

A friend reminded me recently of a story of Krishna and Arjuna (Bhagavad Gita). Krishna likens Arjuna to his flute. When the flute is empty, then divine music can come through, and the dynamic movement can be a beautiful and joyous experience for the flute. But when the flute is full of…you name it, then Krishna will still be sending the divine music through, but the flute will not experience the beauty and the joy.9

Energy vibrating creates form, as any mystic and any physicist will tell you. In the dark, in acceptance and surrender, sound can be a powerful healing tool – a call to the primordial conscious force to renew and recreate our being.


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9Sailesh Rao, Founder of Climate Healers, author of “Carbon Dharma: The Occupation of the Butterflies” 2011 www.climatehealers.org




BCC Bill Dep

A Shaman’s Way of Being


Learn to empower yourself and others for personal excellence, as you join me on a Hero’s Journey to self-mastery, ethics and integrity. Blessings on your journey, may the winds blow sweetly across your path.

-  Shari BaDu

John Germain Leto at Wayna PIcchu

Get Your Practice “Off the Ground”

Get Your Practice “Off the Ground”
by John Germain Leto

I was shocked, back in January, when I asked the attendees of the first Collective Course, “How many of you are actively seeing clients?”

Out of 25 people, 2 raised their hands.

This was a group of very skilled, experienced energy medicine practitioners who were in an advanced class.  Yet, only 2 people were actively seeing clients.

That means that most of them were not actually being of service using their energetic tools, doing the work of the soul’s journey.


Why are there so many people who have spent thousands of dollars on training, who could do so much for other people, but are not utilizing their healing skills and abilities? 

There might be several reasons for this:

  • Some simply feel they’re not ready yet.
  • Some would like to be of service, but all of the attempts to attract clients have fallen short and they don’t know what to do.
  • Some are afraid to be visible and seen for who they really are and how they can be of service to others. They are afraid that “coming out” may be harmful, or they may be mocked or judged.
  • Some are using other excuses to not step into their big mission.  Like, “I’ll do it when…(insert excuse or rationalization here)”.

I think it’s fair to say that most people who are able to be of tremendous service to others have huge holes in the calendar when it could be filled with clients.  Or, they are so consumed with their traditional jobs that it will just have to wait until another day.

Don’t let this be you. The world is waiting for you. What are YOU waiting for? 
Fulfill your soul’s purpose this time around, in this incarnation. There’s a course that we offer here at the Shaman’s Collective called Create a Thriving Practice that is meant to alleviate all of the potential concerns mentioned above.  That, and a whole lot more to help someone step forward powerfully to create the healing practice that they would like, and be paid in abundance as a result. I’ve spent the last 9 years of my life making a 6-figure income, purely from being of service to others. Let me share with you what I have come to discover.  Let me give you all of the secrets to creating a thriving client practice of your own!
A final word from John….

Last week, on an expedition I was leading to Peru, I realized that we each need to look within to see what is the appropriate amount of rock or star energy for our endeavors.  I feel that there are too many people whose practice just isn’t “off the ground”.

How can you elevate what you’re doing by tapping into the wisdom of the stars?

Much of what has made me successful over the last 10 years has had to do with tuning in to my divine guidance.  It has come from above.  Yet, there are practical ways of putting into practice the insights that I’ve received in a grounded way that speaks to people right where they are.

Come get your practice off the ground by exploring what the upcoming Create a Thriving Practice course could provide for you. 

I hope you can join us!

~ John Germain Leto