VIDEO: Street Shamanism – Practical Tools for Modern Mystics

Street Shamanism
Practical Tools for Modern Mystics

Presented by Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin

Hosted by Linda Fitch

Join Linda Fitch and special guests Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin, creators of the Mystic Women’s Sanctuary, for a very special Shaman’s Collective webinar to kick off the new year.

Sonia and Eliza have learned Mystic tools from a variety of spiritual traditions and made them practical and useable. They’ve distilled them down into a powerful method that you can use everyday! They get the importance of incorporating practices that are juicy, fun, inspired, that you can’t wait to do, vs. “shoulding” yourself about your practice.

Come learn these simple practices that bring your spirituality off the mat and into your life!


VIDEO: The Archetype Project Workshop – It Depends On Who’s Looking

It Depends on Who’s Looking

Presented by Marv and Shanon HarwoodThe Kimmapii School of Shamanism

This intimate and interactive workshop provides a chance to explore the world of The Archetypes, forge new relationships with them, and learn that nothing is fixed, and you always have a choice.

Read more about the origins of the course in our Shared Wisdom blog here.

Part One:  On The Ground Workshop

March 2-4, 2018   /  Honolulu, Hawaii

Part Two:  Interactive Webinars

April 20, 2018   6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm ET

May 10, 2018  6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm  ET




Knowledge Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom

 by Linda L. Fitch   

Guided by an ancient prophesy, the Q’ero, the living descendants from the Incas, have lived for years high in the Andean mountains of Peru, secluded from the world and guarding the traditional shamanistic ways of the Paqo, the priest healer.

Never conquered by the Spanish, theirs is an energetic tradition with a world view based on the intrinsic interrelatedness of human beings and nature –  a view largely forgotten in modern times. The sacred wisdom of the Q’ero takes us beyond the mystic veil to teachings of enlightenment that they believe are available to all of us.

The Q’ero create their Mesa, or personal medicine bundle, through their connection to the mountains and. Built on the core concept of Ayni, or right relationship, their mesas connect them with the mountain spirits, to nature, the universe and all of creation. They understand that everything is made up of living energy and be communicated with.

In ceremony, initiation and the embodiment of transmissions (or rites, known as karpays) at the mountain, they became guardians of this sacred knowledge. Their prophesy calls them to pass this ancient wisdom on to the world, particularly now as we ascend to the next level of being.

This is your invitation to experience a deeper alignment and place of power. Join us for Building a Mesa the Q’ero Way, September 28 – October 1, 2017 in Northern California.

Whether you are an existing Mesa carrier, called to make a difference in the world, or are stepping onto the shamanic/mystic path for the very first time, this class will allow you a place of personal transformation and power directly through nature.

We will journey and explore this ancient wisdom “where heaven and earth meet” in Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta, called the White Mountain is renowned for its powerful energy, recognized as one of a small number of “energy centers” around the globe.

Over several days, we will gather daily and then travel to sacred power places on the mountain. Through journey, transmissions and ceremony, you will become immersed in the way of the paqo or elder. Using the core inka principles of right action (yankay), right loving (munay) and right thinking (yachay) and direct communication with the mountain spirits you will build and or deepen your own personal medicine the traditional way as done by the Q’ero.

It is important to the Q’ero that they pass on and the world receive the ancient wisdom and knowledge held for so many years in sacredness. By building and/or deepening your Mesa you connect directly to that transformative power of enlightenment, and become part of that sacred transmission.

2016 SC BaDu 1 Blog Art

Challenge “FOMO” & Act Courageously…

“Be yourself on purpose.”  Fritz Scholder (1937-2005)

by Shari Watson BaDu and John J. Macionis

Daily life is a crush of conflicting demands and activities. How is a thoughtful person to find ultimate meaning?

This musical track, titled Movie Actors, leads us on a journey of reflection.  This song begins with random sounds of everyday living. Breaking though this white noise is an insistent voice speaking the word “actor,” revealing a woman’s awareness of the superficiality of routine life. In our unconscious routines, she suggest, we hope to find “all the answers” at “some party, where the kids all hang around.”  In the “dance” of life, we move to the tribal beat that may give us a felting feeling of fitting in, but we are left with the gnawing sense of living without higher purpose. Any effort to fill a spiritual void by joining others who share our condition of soul loss is condemned to failure from the beginning.

And so we live- dancing through life- as if we were movie actors, playing out lives that we know are fake.  But the voice in the song also provides grounds for hope. Possibilities for transcendence begin with recognition. Gaining awareness of our situation allows us to attain clarity and creates an opportunity to move to spiritual high ground.  For a fleeting moment a crack in everyday life appears, and we step up into the place of the observer, taking a noble stance, critical to conscious evolution.  From that higher place, we can more fully assess ourselves, courageously affirming our intentions to lift ourselves out of the mundane.  The singer states knowingly that “There’s a bigger part of you and a better part of me that thinks we should-a just stayed at home.”  From the new place of the fully present observer, our souls clearly hear a call to be “bigger” and “better.”  Recognition, however, is not enough. We must put courage into action to answer the call to change.

This transcendent response is made easier if we can engage with a spirited community of like-minded people who are also courageously answering their inner call, challenging what pop culture calls “FOMO” or fear of missing out. These allies will support us at staying “at home” in our hearts, trading the unconscious and fake party life (jobs we hate, social scenes that train our souls) for true conscious dancing to a rhythm emanating from the softness of our internal being.  We must allow ourselves to move to a new drum beating the sound of change that will provide deeper meaning.

Sound master, McLean J. Macionis, understand the illusion of everyday life and ends Movie Actors with collapse, as the machine-driven rhythm crumbles.  From the collapse, we find ourselves on a terrain with many possibilities.  Now we must ask ourselves whether we rebuild the old mechanical framework, which is familiar but empty, or whether we muster the courage to honor what is “bigger and better” within our own souls.

The soul beat of conscious dancing can be found in the words of Fritz Scholder, a Native American Artist (1937-2005); in the wisdom  he shared with a young boy in the mid- 1990’s: things to do…. “Be yourself on purpose.” Today, that boy, a man and CEO of his own company, continues to thrive being “himself on purpose” following the wisdom of his own heart’s dance. This is evidence that when we are in the flow of life, life flow supports us.

Movie Actors 
Words and melody by Ali Memarian  
Sound field by McLean J. Macionis
Vocals by Malanie Taylor
Photo of Fritz Scholder and James Cody Holmstul with permission from Shari Watson BaDu

 Copyright © 2016 Shari Watson BaDu and John J. Macionis