Course #1: Science of the Sacred: The Physics of Living Energy

Beginning July, 2015  |   Online

Taught by Anasuya Krishnaswamy

Don’t be duped by wild claims about science. Don’t let skeptics and cynics prevent you from practicing your healing art to your full potential. The truth is always in between the extremes.

Science of the Sacred: The Physics of Living Energy

Want to understand how science supports the shamanic path and energy medicine?

The Science of the Sacred class provides you with more tools and maps to be of greater service to your clients. This workshop will help shamanic practitioners increase their certainty by understanding the scientific facts that support the non-linear, open-hearted, energetic healing path.

In this course you will:
Learn the science that supports the energy medicine – still your mind, work with certainty. Including:

  • Fields and Form
  • Vibration, Resonance, and Coherence
  • Time and the Cosmos
  • The Quantum Wavefunction, Possibility, and Probability
  • The Semiconducting, Superconducting, Quantum Coherent, Crystalline Body

Want to still any doubts from your overly analytical mind?    The science taught in our academic institutions does not conflict with shamanic practice and energy medicine. If we look at the concepts and experiments in physics, biochemistry and molecular biology, and cosmology, we will see that what nature has shown scientists is perfectly aligned with what nature has shown mystics and medicine people. Knowledge and examples of this principle will help you to still your doubting mind, increase your certainty in your practice, and help with doubting clients. This knowledge will also prevent you from being duped by wild claims posted on social media everyday!!

Topics covered include:

  • Why energy work is so powerful
  • Why your tools work (feathers/rattles/drums/tuning forks)
  • How breathing and the earth’s magnetic field are connected
  • How our ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness are all extraordinary
  • How pre-cognition make sense scientifically
  • Why we must move beyond even our global karma
  • Why mastering your tracking and perception skills is so important
  • Why destiny tracking and perception is no joke; the wave function of quantum physics.