Course 3: Spiritual Emergencies, Soul Loss and Addiction: Shamanic Methodologies for Mental Health and Wellness

COMING January 2018 | Arizona

Presented by Sharian Watson BaDu , Founder & CEO at Conscious By Choice ™

Exploring addiction and mental health through the perspectives of traditional and western medicine

Our society is experiencing a mental health crisis and addiction is playing a bigger role than ever. Adding to this upsurge and empowerment of addiction we wait the outcome of healthcare legislation. We can’t wait, we must become our own advocates. Without viable solutions from somewhere, more of our brothers and sisters will slide into their own “dark night of the soul” known as addiction.

From the shamanic perspective, the “ism” of addiction is a symptom of a spiritual emergency or crisis and clearly a result of soul loss. If a spiritual emergency is left unattended without a mentor or guide, the traumatized individual may enter into a cycle of victimization consisting of self-imposed harmful agreements, which may manifest as negative self-fulfilling prophecies i.e., self-sabotage through limiting beliefs, thoughts and actions. Vital life force energy is drained as stress takes its toll.

Now, the individual, alone and unskilled, must psychologically and emotionally fend for themselves. They try to make sense of the situation and do their best to cope, but their trauma and pain builds.  They have no guidance. Soul loss takes many forms such as, unrealistic fear, anxiety, depression, dissociation and isolation. Desperate for relief from this pain an individual becomes willing and eager to do or take anything.

Program Focus:

This course offers a traditional medicine and western medicine perspective regarding the growing problems of addiction and other mental health issues within the United States.

Traditional healers as well as orthodox medicine practitioners worldwide have a unique opportunity to create an essential bridge between the two world views of addiction. Through education, engagement and activism, the “ism” of addiction can be faced and braved by integrating the best of both worlds.   From this common ground, powerful tools emerge for sustained soul recovery and spiritual growth.

Learn evidence-based shamanic methodologies to help you, your clients or students meet the challenge of addiction as an opportunity for spiritual healing and growth. This program will be divided into two parts, educational and experiential.  

Learning objectives-

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the four major addiction models currently accepted in the Western model of addiction.
  2. Identify universal shamanic elements in cross-cultural world views regarding addiction.
  3. Gain an understanding of the concepts of spiritual emergencies, soul loss, addiction, soul recovery, mental health and well-being.
  4. Effectively identify which shamanic methodologies would best complement each specific model for maximum potential to support soul recovery and health.
  5. Understand the link between current neuroscience research and the importance of shamanic methodologies, specifically non-plant based shamanic practices to induce altered states of consciousness (ASC) and shamanic states of consciousness (SSC) for mental health and wellness.
  6.  Identify the elements in the current 12 step model as originally set forth by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) as a traditional medicine path of initiation and spiritual growth.
  7.  Understand the importance of sacred rituals for mental health and wellness.

This course serves as an introduction to 12 Step Spirituality: Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World- how to live a spiritual life. 

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Sharian Watson BaDu has been advocating 12 Step Spirituality since 1982.

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