Course #4: Walking Consciously in the Light

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Walking Consciously in the Light

Tools for Releasing the Dark

presented by Linda Fitch

Much of what we see and experience in our world is created unconsciously in the energetic realm. Having the skills to walk consciously in the light – in balance and right relationship – has never been more important than in today’s turbulent and challenging times.

Come learn to work with wisdom, safety and strength to balance anger, fear, negative thoughts and other forms of misdirected energy from those who may wish harm upon another, both intentionally and unintentionally.

Working in the shadow of California’s powerful Mt. Shasta, and spending time on the mountain itself, we will learn empowering self-protection skills and practices to work with unraveling the sorcery directed to someone, as well as skills to shift our own self-sorcery, and release curses, bindings and other negative thought forms.

September 13-15, 2019

Mt. Shasta, California

$495 early bird (register and pay by September 1)
$575 full registration (after September 1)

​Local Contact:   SANDRA WINSLOW   530-261-0717