Got questions?  Take a look through our most commonly asked questions. If this still didn’t answer it for you, contact us at anytime.

Are these courses open to anyone?

Yes!  We welcome people from all disciplines, energy medicine practices, schools, and lineages.  Most of the coursework is, however, advanced work and is built upon South American shamanic techniques, so a background in this work would make it easier to understand the concepts and flow with the class structure and teachings.

What if I’ve never taken a shaman course?

The Shaman’s Collective, at this time, only offers advanced techniques and teachings based upon already established shamanic methods of healing. We would suggest you first look to other schools or workshops that can provide you with a strong basis in shamanic energy medicine.  Although the 2014 curriculum is already established, we are looking to expand in 2015 and may be offering new courses for the beginning student – so please keep in touch as we may just offer a course that’s right for you!

Is The Shaman’s Collective affiliated with any other schools?

No. The Shaman’s Collective is a newly created independent school, created by shamanic practitioners with extensive client practices who care deeply about the ever-evolving nature of Shamanism and the wisdom that is accessible to all.  We currently offer a set of 6 courses, each one offered by an individual teacher from wisdom accumulated from their own medicine.

What if I only want to take one class?

No problem!  The Shaman’s Collective was created with the intention of a full advanced course offering, spread throughout one year, to excel existing energy medicine students practice. If you feel called to only one course, however, we do offer “a-la-carte” pricing so you can take only those courses you choose.

Is there a discount if I take all 6 classes?

Yes!  The Shaman’s Collective was created with the intention of offering an extensive curriculum where each course fits in to the next.  The entire curriculum provides existing energy medicine practitioners with accelerated tools and wisdom to significantly enhance their practice.  As such, we offer a significant discount when you register for all 6 courses versus taking them one by one.  Each course individually is priced at $595 (early bird discounts are provided at $525).  Bought individually, all 6 courses would be $3,570, but pre-register for the entire curriculum and pay only $2,250.  That’s more than $1,000 in savings! See our Registration page for more information.

Are there additional costs?

Yes. The Shaman’s Collective curriculum includes course fees only.  Once you register, we will send logistics information. For IONS Earthrise Retreat Center, reservations must be made through the Shaman’s Collective. We also encourage you to connect with other students to share rides, rooms, car rentals, and so forth!

What do I need to bring?

Each course is an intensive 3 days.  As such, you should bring:

  • Comfortable clothes (for both indoor coursework and outdoor evening experiences)
  • A pillow to sit on or put behind your back if needed
  • A notebook and pen
  • Your mesa and rattle (and for some classes, your extraction crystal)
  • Any other sacreds you use in your work
  • A water bottle
  • Light snacks for break times
  • An open heart and great positive attitude to share in the collective wisdom

What is your refund policy?

We understand unforeseen situations can arise.  If you choose to cancel your spot after registering for one, multiple, or all courses, you will be refunded your tuition with the exception of a $100 cancellation fee.  However, if you cancel within TWO (2) WEEKS of a course, the course tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE. The tuition can be applied to a future course with the same teacher, through Shaman’s Collective or another venue, for up to two years.