The Shaman’s Collective is dedicated to supporting a worldwide community of shamanic practitioners from a variety of lineages. We believe in growing and sharing our wisdom through courses, community and ceremonies to enable healers and energy medicine practitioners to deepen their medicine path.


The Evolution of Shamanism

Discover a path to the future through the ways of the ancients.

May 1-3, 2020     Sedona, Arizona

with Sandra Winslow



We are a collective of practicing shaman and energy medicine practitioners who each embody a particular area of expertise.  We are coming together as a collective to make a powerful offering that will assist others so that they can be of greater service to their clients and communities.  LEARN MORE


The Shaman’s Collective offers multiple courses throughout the year as part of a core curriculum created specifically to enhance the advanced medicine practitioner’s path.

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Shared Wisdom


Knowledge Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom

 by Linda L. Fitch    Guided by an ancient prophesy, the Q'ero, the living descendants from the Incas, have lived for years high in the Andean mountains of Peru, secluded from the world and guarding the traditional shamanistic ways of the Paqo, the priest healer. Never conquered by the Spanish, theirs is an energetic tradition with a world view based on the intrinsic interrelatedness of human beings and nature –  a view largely forgotten in modern times. The sacred wisdom of the Q’ero takes us beyond the mystic veil to teachings of enlightenment that…

Are You Ready to Lift the Veil?

By Marv Harwood For millennia, people have recognized that unknown forces shape their lives and their destinies. Earliest evidence of this recognition is depicted on cave walls as ancient man observed and marveled at unknown powers. Moving forward through time, in an attempt to describe these unknown energies, many civilizations labeled them as “Gods” and began to identify their properties. Mankind began to perceive just how powerful and profound these energies really are. Regardless of the name(s) given to these forces by different peoples, the description…
2016 SC BaDu 1 Blog Art

Challenge “FOMO” & Act Courageously…

“Be yourself on purpose.”  - Fritz Scholder (1937-2005) by Shari Watson BaDu and John J. Macionis Daily life is a crush of conflicting demands and activities. How is a thoughtful person to find ultimate meaning? This musical track, titled Movie Actors, leads us on a journey of reflection.  This song begins with random sounds of everyday living. Breaking though this white noise is an insistent voice speaking the word “actor,” revealing a woman’s awareness of the superficiality of routine life. In our unconscious routines, she suggest, we hope to…

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