Create a Thriving Practice

About six years ago I was relatively happy and successful, life was going ok.  I had lived 35 years, but I didn’t yet know a thing about energy medicine.  Since then my life has been radically different and my life has become even more fulfilling and successful than I ever could have imagined. I’ve had so many profound insights and experiences that it’s hard to talk about it all.

And yet, that’s where most people are:  they’ve lived 30, 40, 50, or 60 years and they’ve experienced a lot of things.  But they don’t know what YOU know.

They don’t know that they can change the quality of their lives, not only by how they think, but by changing the quality of the energy that they carry.

They don’t know that they can heal soul wounds that they’ve been carrying around for centuries over many lifetimes.

They don’t know that they are not stuck with what they have.  That there are immense tools available to them to let the past go and raise their level of consciousness.

They just don’t know, yet.

So how do you reach those people?  How can you touch those beautiful individuals whose soul journey mirror yours, yet are just a few steps behind you?  How do you reach those people who have yet to go on their own Hero’s journey, who are still living in the “ordinary” world?

With ordinary language.  That’s how.

You have to say things that they can actually understand.  You have to “speak into their listening”.

Because the world desperately needs you.  There are so many people who are hurting needlessly because YOU haven’t made your energetic work available to them.  You can change this.  We have to make it available to them.

That’s what my course, Create a Thriving Practice, provides.  It’s one of the key elements.

There are other elements like how to tell your personal story in a powerful way, how to create a compelling brand image and website that’s rooted in your truth, the nuts and bolts practical information about setting up your practice, and other highly useful wisdom for building a financially successful client practice.

But this first aspect is key because it frames everything else.  It doesn’t matter what your website looks like or how you use social media or what your fee structure looks like or how you handle the first phone conversation with a potential client if you don’t have this first part right:  Positioning yourself and your services in a way that your main audience easily understands what you have to offer.  And hint: its not your regular marketing positioning hype.  It’s unique to you and your own experience.

For more info on the upcoming “Speaking Powerfully about What You Do”, click here.


~John Germain Leto