Energy medicine is evolving. The Shaman’s Collective believes in evolving ourselves and the wisdom that we share by providing courses, community, and ceremonies that allow healers and energy medicine practitioners to deepen and grow their medicine path. Join us in forming a community of people who share their gifts with the world!


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Upcoming Courses

COURSE 3 – Early Bird Savings – $525.00 – Until April 24th

Course #3: Dreamtime / Sacred Time
May 8-11, 2014  | IONS Retreat Center | CA
Shamans and visionaries learn to work in dream time to heal, transform and create new possibilities.  Learn how to work in sacred time to powerfully shift reality for yourself or your clients…  LEARN MORE



The Shaman’s Collective offers six courses over a one-year period as part of a core curriculum created specifically to enhance the advanced medicine practitioner’s path. The first course in the series, “The Collective Course”, brings together the best of all teachings.


We are a collective of practicing shaman and energy medicine practitioners who each embody a particular area of expertise.  We are coming together as a collective to make a powerful offering that will assist others so that they can be of greater service to their clients and communities.  LEARN MORE


How to Deal with Shadow

by The Collective The Gayatri: Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ bhárgo devásya dhīmahi dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt A translation by Anasuya: Om, realms of the earth, air, and heaven, be with us May we focus our mind on the radiant quality of the highest source energy To guide our intellect through the shadow to the brilliance. As an energy medicine practitioner of light, what is the appropriate response to sorcery? When one is stepping powerfully onto a path, gaining visibility and exposure, others may not always understand.…

The Energy in Everything: Our Breath

by: Anasuya Krishnaswamy  | Breathe, baby, breathe. I was taught the importance of breathing well early in my life with my participation in team sports and other athletic training. When I wasn’t feeling well, my mother taught me to breathe and to focus my awareness on my body and imagine it healing itself. If you don’t learn how to breathe under various situations, then you’re sunk, so to speak. But how many of us concentrate on our breath during the day? It’s in our lexicon. I have heard the constitution of the United States of America described as a living…

How to Be of Greatest Service to the World

by John Germain Leto | We all want to fulfill our soul’s journey and use our time here well.  It’s such a blessing to be on a shamanic path, living the deeper elements of life and also sharing them with others.  It’s a very fortunate thing to have so many powerful tools that have aided in our own healing and the healing of many others. There are lots of people that have completed some shamanic training and feel blessed to have their own personal stories of growth and transformation.  Yet there are many who yearn to use more of their medicine on a daily…


| by: Anasuya Krishnaswamy | As I trekked up the mountain with my group to the high lagoon on Apu Salkantay in southern Peru, I kept hearing “relax.” I had wanted to hear profound insights into my journey and the questions I had rolling around in my mind and heart. I just kept hearing “relax, easy-now.” When I reached the lagoon and looked into the blue-green water, I could see the reflection of the scree and ice slopes from the glaciated ridge across the water. As the wind rippled over the surface the reflection would be lost, and then as the wind settled…

Live on the Edge by Creating Your Thriving Client Practice

by John Germain Leto | What does walking with your own Jaguar look like?  Jaguars live on the edge and explore the high places.  What about you?  Are you exploring the high places in your life’s work as a healer?  Or are you playing it safe?  Maybe even playing it small?   When I say “living on the edge”, I mean living on the edge of where we are comfortable.  If you were on the edge of your comfort zone, facing more of your fears with what you are meant to create on your path as a shamanic practitioner, how would those business endeavors be different? The…