Energy medicine is evolving. The Shaman’s Collective believes in evolving ourselves and the wisdom that we share by providing courses, community, and ceremonies that allow healers and energy medicine practitioners to deepen and grow their medicine path. Join us in forming a community of people who share their gifts with the world!

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Throwing the Leaves of Your Life: Divination Teachings of Peruvian Shamanism

July 16 – 19, 2015  |  IONs Earthrise Retreat – CA
Led by Mateo Magee READ MORE

Summer Solstice

Peruvian Medicine Ceremony

Join us for a ceremony that will bring forth a profound stillness to access the Sun – the Divine Masculine heart. 

June 20 – 21, 2015  |  -  Muir Beach, CA

Led by John Germain Leto & Eden Clark

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The Shaman’s Collective offers six courses over a one-year period as part of a core curriculum created specifically to enhance the advanced medicine practitioner’s path. The first course in the series, “The Collective Course”, brings together the best of all teachings.


We are a collective of practicing shaman and energy medicine practitioners who each embody a particular area of expertise.  We are coming together as a collective to make a powerful offering that will assist others so that they can be of greater service to their clients and communities.  LEARN MORE

Shared Wisdom


Sound and the Crystalline Body

by Anasuya Krishnaswamy As we transition from winter to spring in the northern hemisphere, we may have gained some insight during the shorter days, which we want to bring out into the light. We may have heard or experienced that this place of the dark, the void, is the place from which creation springs forth. Perhaps true, but I want to suggest that it is a destination in and of itself, a space to intentionally go to, spend time in, celebrate, and be with. Simply because there are inherent benefits of being there. This is a place of least resistance, of surrender.…
BCC Bill Dep

A Shaman's Way of Being

  Learn to empower yourself and others for personal excellence, as you join me on a Hero's Journey to self-mastery, ethics and integrity. Blessings on your journey, may the winds blow sweetly across your path. -  Shari BaDu
John Germain Leto at Wayna PIcchu

Get Your Practice "Off the Ground"

Get Your Practice "Off the Ground" by John Germain Leto I was shocked, back in January, when I asked the attendees of the first Collective Course, “How many of you are actively seeing clients?” Out of 25 people, 2 raised their hands. This was a group of very skilled, experienced energy medicine practitioners who were in an advanced class.  Yet, only 2 people were actively seeing clients. That means that most of them were not actually being of service using their energetic tools, doing the work of the soul’s…
John Germain Leto - SPeaking Powerfully About What You Do

"Speak Powerfully about What You Do" Webinar

Speaking Powerfully About What You Do Too many practitioners struggle when asked the question, "So, What do you do?".  It affects their confidence and limits their reach in attracting potential clients. In this 35-minute webinar, John Germain Leto, gives a simple way to alleviate this problem.  "Speaking Powerfully About What You Do" is one of the key tenets in the upcoming Create a Thriving Practice course on September 18th to the 21st in Laguna Beach, CA.

Speak Powerfully About What You Do

About six years ago I was relatively happy and successful, life was going ok.  I had lived 35 years, but I didn’t yet know a thing about energy medicine.  Since then my life has been radically different and my life has become even more fulfilling and successful than I ever could have imagined. I’ve had so many profound insights and experiences that it’s hard to talk about it all. And yet, that’s where most people are:  they’ve lived 30, 40, 50, or 60 years and they’ve experienced a lot of things.  But they don’t know what YOU know. They don’t…