The Shaman’s Collective is dedicated to supporting a worldwide community of shamanic practitioners from a variety of lineages. We believe in growing and sharing our wisdom through courses, community and ceremonies to enable healers and energy medicine practitioners to deepen their medicine path.


Walking Consciously in the Light: Tools for Releasing the Dark  – Presented by Linda Fitch

September 13-15, 2019     Mt. Shasta, California



We are a collective of practicing shaman and energy medicine practitioners who each embody a particular area of expertise.  We are coming together as a collective to make a powerful offering that will assist others so that they can be of greater service to their clients and communities.  LEARN MORE


The Shaman’s Collective offers multiple courses throughout the year as part of a core curriculum created specifically to enhance the advanced medicine practitioner’s path.

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Shared Wisdom


VIDEO: Street Shamanism – Practical Tools for Modern Mystics

Street Shamanism Practical Tools for Modern Mystics Presented by Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin Hosted by Linda Fitch Join Linda Fitch and special guests Sonia Sommer and Eliza Tobin, creators of the Mystic Women's Sanctuary, for a very special Shaman's Collective webinar to kick off the new year. Sonia and Eliza have learned Mystic tools from a variety of spiritual traditions and made them practical and useable. They've distilled them down into a powerful method that you can use everyday! They get the importance of incorporating practices that are juicy, fun,…

VIDEO: The Archetype Project Workshop - It Depends On Who's Looking

THE ARCHETYPE PROJECT WORKSHOP It Depends on Who’s Looking Presented by Marv and Shanon Harwood, The Kimmapii School of Shamanism This intimate and interactive workshop provides a chance to explore the world of The Archetypes, forge new relationships with them, and learn that nothing is fixed, and you always have a choice. Read more about the origins of the course in our Shared Wisdom blog here. Part One:  On The Ground Workshop March 2-4, 2018   /  Honolulu, Hawaii Part Two:  Interactive Webinars April 20, 2018   6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm ET May…

Knowledge Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom

 by Linda L. Fitch    Guided by an ancient prophesy, the Q'ero, the living descendants from the Incas, have lived for years high in the Andean mountains of Peru, secluded from the world and guarding the traditional shamanistic ways of the Paqo, the priest healer. Never conquered by the Spanish, theirs is an energetic tradition with a world view based on the intrinsic interrelatedness of human beings and nature –  a view largely forgotten in modern times. The sacred wisdom of the Q’ero takes us beyond the mystic veil to teachings of enlightenment that…

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